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Resolved Question

Do you know what bank codes mean?

I need to phone the bank to get bank codes of new customers, but i don't know what they mean eg.code C. Does anyone know? 66 mths ago

Best Answer

the bank code is usually the code used to identify which bank it is coming from, or which branch it is with.

66 mths ago

Answers -

It identifies the bank and the branch.

66 mths ago

The banks give each customer a code i.e "a rating" A,B,C,D depending on their credit rating etc

66 mths ago

status of a client's account with the bank.

66 mths ago

It identifies the branch that the account belongs to so the payment goes to the right bank for processing

66 mths ago

why don't you ask the bank? tell them you do not know how the codes work

66 mths ago

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