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Resolved Question

Do you know who invented the scissors? Without having to Google it...?

Lol Mytruth ;-) I will post the answer later if nobody gets it. It's actually quite a surprise!

fruitloop is spot on! I was very surprised to learn that Leonardo da Vinci did not invent the scissors. He lived in the 15th century AD. Scissors were actually invented 30 centuries before da Vinci at in Ancient Egypt, in around 1500BC!!! Cross bladed scissors were invented in around 100AD by the Romans.
43 mths ago

Best Answer

If I am not mistaken it was originally invented through the Egyptians even thought Leonardo da Vinci got credit for it...BTW I read this in my doctors rooms 2 weeks ago, hehehe

43 mths ago

Answers -

Edward Scissorhands? Goes to show..I DID NOT Google

43 mths ago

This time I didn't cheat.....I will wait to see the answer !

43 mths ago

I definitely know its BC and some Egyptian dude… I think… I cant remember.

43 mths ago

Leornado Da Vinci, didn't google.

Source: Me

43 mths ago

I did not know, but am not surprised. He invented so many wonderful things. He even flew....a short distance, but he did.

43 mths ago

NO idea sir.

43 mths ago

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