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Do you pay import duties on gifts? Want to import something from Australia for myself.

30 mths ago - -19 min left to answer.

Answers -

Yes, if you've purchased something for yourself- you will have to pay import duties. If you have a friend in Australia who can send it on to you, you may be able to avoid it. They have to make sure that the price tags (etc) are removed. Import duties can be very expensive.

30 mths ago

What you are really doing is purchasing an item. When shipped to you, the waybill will detail the contents of the package (value and description) and the person working in customs on that day will make an assessment as to whether the item should be subject to import duties and apply a surcharge. I have purchased electronic equipmet for the states and the duty applied varied enormously, so I assume its up to the person onnthe duty in customs on that day.

30 mths ago

there is a schedule 4 rebate code (412.10.00.02) for what is termed" bona fida unsolicited gifts".......the gift cannot excced a value of R400 , it must be addresed from a private individual to a private individual and can only be used twice (i think) a year..........if you purchased the goods it is not a bona fide gift.

30 mths ago

YESSSS and sometimes the duties is even more exorbitant the the goods purchased. I agree with Larkspur depends on the custom person on duty for that day.

30 mths ago

If you send it by courier then yes, and I think sometimes with the post office too

30 mths ago

Yes you must, I susggest you find out what the inport duties are and then determine if it's worth it.

30 mths ago

Most probably you will get robbed in this way. Import duties are nothing more than legal robbery. I suggest you get someone to just carry it in.

30 mths ago

Please resolve this question, thanks take yr points tho !

29 mths ago

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