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Resolved Question

Does President Mugabe has children? If yes, how many?

59 mths ago

Best Answer

"His first wife, Sally Hayfron, died in 1992 from a chronic kidney ailment.[167] Their only son, Michael Nhamodzenyika Mugabe, born 27 September 1963, died on 26 December 1966 from cerebral malaria in Ghana where Sally was working while Mugabe was in prison. Sally Mugabe was a trained teacher who asserted her position as an independent political activist and campaigner[168] who was seen as Mugabe's closest friend and advisor, and some critics suggest that Mugabe began to misrule Zimbabwe after her death.[8] On 17 August 1996, Mugabe married his former secretary, Grace Marufu, 40 years his junior, with whom he already had two children; she first became pregnant by Mugabe while he was still married to his first wife, Sally, and while Grace was married to another man, Stanley Goreraza, now a diplomat in China.[169][170] Mugabe and Marufu were married in a Roman Catholic wedding Mass at Kutama College, a Catholic mission school he previously attended. Nelson Mandela and Mugabe's two children by Grace were among the guests. The Mugabes have three children: Bona, Robert Peter Jr. (although Robert Mugabe's middle name is Gabriel) and Bellarmine Chatunga. "

59 mths ago

Answers -

I heard that one of the children is/was studing at Stellenbosch and that he is changed his name to study there.... dont know if its true though

59 mths ago

When you drive through the hills of Zimbabwe, you see them in the trees.

59 mths ago

I also saw a broadcast on TV a couple of months ago that one of the daughters was stuyding at a university in China. There was something about reporters trying to interview her on her father's attitude in Zimbabwe. Apparently, China offer this facility to a lot of foreigners.

59 mths ago

He has 3 children, chame these poor kids must be dying of embarrasment...

59 mths ago

LJ I do not think the children is dying of embaressment. Their mom is living it up and I am sure they are too. I have never seen them speak out against him????

58 mths ago

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