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Resolved Question

Does "Tabakstof" help to get rid of ants?

They are bloddy everywhere!

I'm going to try it this weekend. I have some left over tabakstof. Will let you know how it went.
40 mths ago

Best Answer

Tabakstof is good for alot of little unwanted creatures. Just remember to water your lawn to prevent it from burning the grass.

40 mths ago

Answers -

Ek weet dit help vir slakke.........miere maybe..

40 mths ago

Never even heard of it, sounds interesting cause I am also fighting a losing battle!!!! Definitely going to look in to this!!!!

40 mths ago

Yes, I used to buy bags and bags of the stuff when we lived in Paarl. My car stank for weeks afterwards. I keeps lots of creepy crawly's away, reason, "kruip molle". But you have to water a lot as was said. It also has some fertilising properties.

40 mths ago

Yes it does. In Malawi we bought bags full for the lawn and it helped with all the crickets, ants and other beasties.

40 mths ago

Soap gets them to disappear. Sprinkle washing powder or break off little pieces of soap and place them around wherever they appear.

40 mths ago

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