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Resolved Question

Does anyone know what an architectural draughtsman Intern earns?

Or how I can find out? 32 mths ago

Best Answer

The "going rate" at present, depending on the skill, knowledge,work ethic, willingness to learn, and application of experience, would be between R35 to R50 per hour on a contract basis, TO START. The more skills acquired and applied would raise the hourly rate significantly, as the employer would want to retain the best.

32 mths ago

Answers -

Sorry, I honestly don't know how much or who to contact. Maybe somewhere on this site you will be able to find something that you can use ....

32 mths ago

It would depend on which company you work for, and which area..and how long you have been in the job. If you want to know for yourself, you could phone various architecht companies and speak to the Personel Department and ask what the average pay is for the position you mention. IF on the other hand, you want to know what someone you know is earning will just have to ask them.

32 mths ago

From R3 500 per month

32 mths ago

Junior could earn about R6000, also depends on your experience !

32 mths ago

Good question to ask before you start dating one.. ;-)

32 mths ago

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