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Hansa Speedo gate motor keeps opening on its own. Loose black wire inside (4) 0 volts. Should it connect to (13) 0 volts

I have a Hansa Speedo 24v gate motor that keeps opening and closing by itself. I opened the motor to try and reset it with a procedure I found online but it doesn't help. I then noticed a loose black wire inside that's currently connected to the board inside marked number 4 (Negative 0 Volts). It's a fairly short wire and I couldn't find any info online about where it should go to. I did find a diagram of the board but not the wiring (at least not for this wire). The only thing that I can guess is that this wire needs to be connected to the hole marked 13 on the board (also labelled as Negative 0 Volts on the board diagram). Is this correct? 33 mths ago - -12 min left to answer.

Answers -

It's been a long time since I worked on Hansa motors. It would be helpful if you can tell me where the other end of the wire connects to. Black wires are usually 0 volts or Gnd or Neg - but it depends on who wired it. If the wiring is still configured as it was originally, then it's safe to bet that it should go to 0 volts. If you're battling, send me a private message and I'll give you my cellphone number, or we can do instant messaging. I'll assist you, no charge.

33 mths ago

Regardless of the motor type, a fauly push button on your intercom that is used to open the gate could be sporadically opening the gate 'on its owm'. Another possibe cause is a damaged cable to such a push button where water gets into the cable and shorts the trigger wire - casuing the gate to open and close. Itc ould even be that some bugs or slugs got into the motor housing and have died behind the control board (PCB) and are causing a short. before trying to fix any of this make sure the mains are turned off.

Source: Ex - Automation technician

32 mths ago

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