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Undecided Question

How do I contest the amount for a traffic fine?

I got given a traffic fine yesterday - for "inconsiderate driving" - R1500!!! I did a u-turn at a robot - not the best idea, but I was a bit lost! The robot was flashing red, meaning a 4-way stop, so I stopped, checked, then turned - but when pulled over was told I "almost caused an accident" - ???? which I did not. I am happy to pay a fine for the U-turn, which was stupid of me - but not R1500!! Please help!

By the way - I am normally an excellent driver - I have had 1 speeding fine in 14 years driving (75 in a 60 zone), and was just flustered cos I was lost in town!
36 mths ago - -32 min left to vote.

Answers -

The problem is that if you got pulled over you probably signed the fine? in that case you will have to go to court. signing the fine is an form of guilt admittance, or at lears that your are now guilty until proven innocent. I think court will be your only forte, then also when you get to court ask for proof that you did in fact commit the offense. if he was alone then he can not proof that your guilty, so you can deny it and fight that way, you will however have to explain signing the fine, shouldnt be to hard. inconsiderate driving? bs! that is a must have driving skill for all the taxi's. as you signed the fine you cant ignore it anymore, they will add money to it if you dont pay and eventually a private company is going to threaten you with the sheriff of the court... you can also write a letter explaining the situation in which you will have to admit guilt and ask for leniency due to your actions not being dangerous. you can also do that appeal in court.

36 mths ago

There is a good chance the guy who wrote out that fine purposely left out some detail making it invalid - ie to teach you a lesson. If it is valid, just go to the court and tell them a believable story....diarrhea has always worked for me, and they will reduce the fine considerably.

36 mths ago

In my opinion it is reckless driving and you should be content with the fine you got. However, you can write a letter to the traffic department or prosecutor and ask for mercy.

36 mths ago

You write the most beautiful begging letter that you can manage. Maybe you get lucky.

36 mths ago

you can either write a letter explaining the incident or you can wait until you get a summons to appear in court, then explain it in court.

36 mths ago

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