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Resolved Question

How do I work out how much paint I need to paint a room?

57 mths ago

Best Answer

PVA paint will do 10 m²/litre therefore 2 coats will be 5 m²/lt .. a room say 3 m x 3 m can be worked out as follows 3 x 2.5 x 3 .. 3 (lenth of wall) x 2.5 ( height to ceiling : average) x 3 (number of walls) .. there is normally a cupbord and door on the one wall ... so 22.5 m² is the area to be painted .. 22.5 divided by 5 (5 ²/lt) = 4.5 litres ...

Source: My profession ..

57 mths ago

Answers -

A large tin should do about one room... Average room in a house. If you're house is really big, you might need up to 3 tins per room. And, depending if you want to paint it the same colour again, you might need 2 tins for an average room. One for a coating and x 1 for finishing off.

57 mths ago

Firstly depends on the type of pain you buy, some more expensive paints cover a larger aria, Measure the square meters of the floor, and take the height of the walls, multiply the SQM by the Height, etc, now you have a good idea of the size, if it’s a standard room 4 walls not the roof You should be able to cover all that with about 5 – 7 liters.

57 mths ago

It is usually about 5L per room depending on how big, but the guys at the hardware will be able to give you more exact.

57 mths ago

log onto any paint company's site - plascon, prominent paints and use thier calculators

57 mths ago

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