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Resolved Question

How long does Feta Cheese last in the fridge?

I bought some about 1 - 2 weeks ago and have kept it in the fridge in a tupperware container. Use it now and then. It is not the Feta in the liquid.

Thanks CD, it is smelling strong but still good and still tastes good to me.
38 mths ago

Best Answer

Use it til it smells..cheese sits around for months to ripen. You will know when it is not edible. l have used it over 3 or even 4 week period...just try a bit.

38 mths ago

Answers -

I agree with CD......

38 mths ago

I like cheese but I still don't understand how people like feta cheese, tastes like powder. Sorry, don't know how long one can keep it, but for normal cheese, keep it in foil rather than a plastic bag, as it keeps the air out, and lasts much much longer!

38 mths ago

It can keep up to 6 weeks if it's kept in the brine, make sure the cheese is completely submerged and the container is properly sealed.but as CD says when it starts smelling, chuck it out.

38 mths ago

If it still smells ok take a small nibble, you will know soon enough whether it is still edible or not

38 mths ago

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