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Resolved Question

How much does Virgin Active Gym membership cost per month?

If you are not a Vitality member of Discovery and you do not have Discovery has your medical aid. I was on the Virgin Active website and they do not want to show how much it will cost. 61 mths ago

Best Answer

The joining fee is R600 ( unless they have a promotion on the go then you can join for R100) and a standard membership is R308 per month - this does not give you access to other virgin active gyms , you can only use the one you join.

61 mths ago

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61 mths ago

WTF unquiet,..dan draf ek eerder om die blok

61 mths ago

it varies according to the consultant you speak to as far as i can see.. i had joining prices from 100 to 300, monthly fees from 259 to 359 for students. have no idea why they arent more specific with their pricing

61 mths ago

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