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Resolved Question

How much would it cost me to re-line my pool?

It's about 2.5m by 6m.

Re-lining is when you line the inside of your pool with granite ? Or fibre glass. It's usually done when your pool has a leak or something:-)

It's a granite pool, about 1.8m deep.
54 mths ago

Best Answer

What is re-lining your pool?

54 mths ago

Answers -

There are various ways to do this. Marbelite, white or coloured, usually blue, Fibreglass and plastic pool liners. It depends, also, on how deep your pool is.

54 mths ago

It cost me around 9K to reline mine with fibreglass 2 years ago. sort of same size. Although, due to all my pool problems, I am considering to turn it into a wine cellar.

54 mths ago

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