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Undecided Question

How can I find out what my marital status is according to HOME AFFAIRS?

I KNOW I am divorced and all and all, but does HOME AFFAIRS know that? I've never received the official divorce papers back from court.

I've also tried those links you provided - no luck. I've been in the market for some time, it seems I might be out of it again. Sorry you lost out....

@ eJay: what a waste of money on the third wedding! LOL
35 mths ago - -12 min left to vote.

Answers - --> sorry, our Internet are slow, but there's a link where you can check by typing in your ID number

35 mths ago

Yip, apparently there is a link as Elections2011 has mentioned. Try this one: Doesn't seem to be working on my side though. Does that mean you're on the market again?

35 mths ago

I phoned Home Affairs and they checked for me...

35 mths ago

My cousin got divorced many years ago, then married the same guy again, then divorced him again. They made peace and decided to get married again. Upon enquiry at home office they were divorced once, married again and have been married since then. The second divorce were never noted.

35 mths ago

You can try this sms your ID number to 32551 they will sms you back the date of marriage [dept. of home affairs]

35 mths ago

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