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Resolved Question

I lost my licence disc!!!

I went last week Wednesday to the licence department in JHB CBD. I cut it out and stuck it onto that little sticky dick they give you to put it on your windscreen and put the back, back on and put it in my bag to put it on later when I take the other one off (i hate having too many on the windscreen), then on Thursday I lost it like a bright spark!!! Can I just keep the paper in my car from where I cut it out and show the metro that if they pull me over or do I HAVE to get a new one? If so, will they re-issue it or will I have to pay the R225 again? 65 mths ago

Best Answer

To be save, go for the re-issue. A friend of mine got a re-issue after the original got lost, didnt cost a lot, a minimal fee.

65 mths ago

Answers -

You can get a duplicate copy from the licence dept.

65 mths ago

You have to go back to the licence dept. with your ID and reg papers to draw a duplicate. Can't remember what it costs but it is nothing like the full amount. The police won't accept anything other than the disc displayed in the windscreen. If you can prove the car is licenced they may reduce the fine but you will still get fined for not displaying it.

65 mths ago

josedias is right..

65 mths ago

You can probably show them the rest of the paper if you get pulled over, but it will save you much hassle and explaining if you just get a new one.

65 mths ago

Ask your owner to attch it to your collar so Bak and Terie dont get you.

65 mths ago

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