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Resolved Question

In a security complex, is a resident allowed to "confiscate" the cats/pets of another resident if..

...the pet owner has exceeded the number of allowed pets per house/flatlet? The reason i ask is because of the ffg: My neighbour had 2 cats (our complex only allows 1 per house). The second cat (which was a stray, thet they adopted) had 4 kittens a few weeks ago. This couple were out of town for the weekend, they left the cats at home, with the bathroon window open so the adult cats could do thie business.. But when they arrived home on Sunday, ALL but one of the kittens were gone. It seems like someone had been waiting for the opportunity to take them away. Ok, so they had broken the rules as regeards number of allowed cats. But it seems like someone took the cat that she was allowed to have (the spayed female) as well as the others - ISNT that stealing?? Its very sad... they were about to give the kittens away as well...Some of the neighbours were complaining about the cats - butits not like the cats ever bothered them - the cats were at our house most of the time anyway...

Well i know mother cats do that.. Its just that the "main" cat, the spayed cat, who is totally, uninvolved with the mother, does her own thing, is also missing.. I doubt the kittens died.. they were very healthy.. No, they dont have proof..
53 mths ago

Best Answer

No, it needs to be handled by the Body Corp. Ideally, they should send a written warning so that the owner can resolve the situation. The warning should also state that if the owner does not comply, the cats will be impounded. I've seen rules like that when I was in such a complex, I decided it would be best to move out

53 mths ago

Answers -

Do they have proof that some one took the kittens? It may be that the mother moved them herself. Cats do this all the time. Or that they died.

53 mths ago

Mmm... Just don't bring them to me...

53 mths ago

First of all, it is bloody irresponsible to leave a cat (with kittens at that!!!) alone AND with a window open. It is just looking for trouble. If you have to leave your cat unattended, close them in an area of your house with enough food and plenty trays of cat litter. Cats will go look for their families if the normal coming and going pattern is broken. As far as the 'taking' of the cats are concerned, it remains illegal to remove any pets without a court warrant, same as is needed when the SPCA or other welfare orgs need. Then again, the mother is a stray. She probably relocated her kittens to a safer place. Often they leave behind a kitten or two.

53 mths ago

I think the stray has strayed, and the other one thought running away could be fun. Sorry just joking - did u guys check with the SPCA etc may be they were handed in.

53 mths ago

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