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Resolved Question

Is Tik only made in South Africa, this deadly drug, or is it available wolrdwide?

Is it called something else overseas. Was thinking about 2010 again. 58 mths ago

Best Answer

Yes, this monster is available worldwide unfortunately. It's made very easily from stuff you pickup in a grocery store and pharmacies, that's why it's so widely available and cheap, making it the new "gateway" drug. Only, most don't get further than the gate before their completely hooked. It's called Tik after the sound the crystals make when it's heated up, in a crack pipe or sometimes in a light globe, and the user then smoke or inhale the fumes.

58 mths ago

Answers -

It's called "crystal meth" in the US.

58 mths ago There you go..all you ever needed to know about the stuff...or would prefer not to know.

58 mths ago

There is a lady that comes to our workplace....we work with an tremendous amount of public...and she has this youngster...23 years old, that resides with rehab for drugs.....She told me he had a drug problem.....I asked, what drug....he told me SUGARS!....I said....sweets....he laughed at my ignorance ans said.....NO NO is like cocaine/heroine....I was completely shocked....So sad....such a young life....All I can say is...thank you, that my daughter turned out like she did....good parenting...and of course our Heavenly Father.....

58 mths ago

Tik addiction is very bad in the Western Cape!

58 mths ago

You can find all the facts on Tik on the following site: I have an interesting story from a friend in the drug squad. On a tip-off they raided a flat in Braamfontein and found the occupant so high on Tik that he happily, while being filmed by the police, showed them his kitchen converted to "Tik factory" and happily demonstrated the whole manufacturing process joyfully answering all their questions.

58 mths ago

It is still not as bad as the drug called "stupid"'s free, legal and people take copious quantities every kills people on highways, byways, the workplace and still there is no pill for it. eish.

58 mths ago

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