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Resolved Question

Is a lack of common sense a genetic trait or is it just linked to bad education?

Anyone who claims not to be racist has never been a factory manager. The extreme lack of common sense and logic on the factory floor is astonishing. This has caused me to struggle with the above question for a few years now. 69 mths ago

Best Answer

Lack of eductaion and parent training

69 mths ago

Answers -

"common sense" is something we are taught from a very young age - would you know not to put your finger in a plug , if your mother had not slapped your hand ? I understand where you are coming from - having been in the manufacturing industry for years - but even common sense comprises many issues which have to be taught !

69 mths ago

Many people think that common sense cannot be learnt - It's something you're born with - The lack of it affects even the bright talent. We believe differently. We understand what defines common sense and hence the behaviours that need to be influenced to improve common sense.


69 mths ago

Common sense is ahat people have without looking for answers on internet

69 mths ago

I think its something you can learn - but from a very early age. I know loads of pretty sensible people whose parents are really "non-sensical" (which does seem to link to lack of education) Home environment plays a role too, which is why it may seem genetic.

69 mths ago

Definitely something that you learn.... have you ever looked at a group of siblings, and noticed that the child that was given the least responsibilities also has the poorest common sense? They have the same genes, but were given different opportunities to learn and practice common sense.

69 mths ago

You are wrong Parrotboy, I've managed 120 employees in a factory and I definately am not a racist. I do think that common sense comes from the way you grow up. On the other hand, you can choose to better yourself!

69 mths ago

I think common sense derives from an innate ability to THINK AHEAD. In other words, to be able to logically foresee the consequences of your action or inaction. Some people have it - others (very sadly) do not.

69 mths ago

Bit of both.

69 mths ago

lack of education on both parts, also lack of patience to teach one who would in turn learn some common sense. commons sense is the basic version of right and wrong. to give an example, abused children lack common sense because the line between wrong and right is blurred by what they have been taught. the damage some people do to others can be harmful to a person's growth. it's what we are taught, not born with.

68 mths ago

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