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Resolved Question

Is eating too many Halls menthol throat sweets bad for you?

My boyfriend has stopped smoking for 2 weeks already, but he is now eating at least 2 rolls of Halls sweets a day. Isn't it bad for you to eat that much menthol sweets? 58 mths ago

Best Answer

why not buy him a few different packs of sweeties..some sugar free mints, some fruit drops, some chewing gum, and even include a pack of Halls...but just get him off the Halls habit. A stick of biltong or when he is in the house some celery sticks or carrot sticks...give him lots of he forgets about 'getting hooked' on something else. Also..remind him that a nicotine craving only lasts for 2 minutes at a if he can get over the 2 will be ok.

58 mths ago

Answers -

I think that is a bit too much menthol in one day!! Why does he not just chew on a piece of gum that is sugar free.

58 mths ago

I would say yes. Those sweets are extremely strong. He could damage his throat.

58 mths ago

It's bad to eat too much of anything.

58 mths ago

Tell him to start smoking again.

58 mths ago

Yes, to much "Medicine" will harm you, you should look for the Halls sweets.

58 mths ago

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