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Is there a China town in Durban and where is it.

I always shop at the Chinatown in Jhb but will be on vacation in Durban so want to try the Chinatown if there is one in Durban. Thank you 29 mths ago - -25 min left to answer.

Answers -

I noticed that here in Somerset West they have opened up a China Town. Unfortunately do not know of any in Durban but why not ask the one in Johannesburg if they have a branch in Durban. I am sure they will only be too glad to help.

29 mths ago

Not just a town but a city (or that is how they market it).


29 mths ago

It's in the harbour, check the Taiwanese fishing boats.

29 mths ago

Although I lived in Durban, I don't know of one. Sorry........

29 mths ago

LOL @ R Suppards

29 mths ago

Of course not silly, do you think the Indian community will allow that, not at all at all. ( Whispers) Just down West street heading towards the beach,turn into Gilliespe str,right, where the old Wheel used to be, That's China Mall, and I think its in town. Cheers ! I am surprised that Suizi-Q does not know it. I also know the china Gardens which is frequented by loiterers and vagrunts and hobos and only people who vandalise and unbeautyfy the place, years ago, it was abeautiful place , with Aweqwids and lovely floral displays of flowers. Now just a dump.

Source: My way around places, not known to me !

29 mths ago

There is a China Town in Durban - Take the Umgeni turn off and cross the robots until you get to another intersection, turn right and cross bridge - it is on r right had side.

17 mths ago

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