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Resolved Question

Local anesthesia to remove 4 wisdom teeth?

I don't have a medical aid, and I'm 25 years old. I have been saving for a long time, so I will be paying cash, however to save on costs I will need to do it locally! Everyone tries to sop me saying it is madness, but I just can't live with the pain anymore. I can't afford to do the procedure in the hospital with general anesthesia, so doing it locally is my only hope. But is it possible at my age with 4 wisdom teeth, and is there anything that could go wrong? 50 mths ago

Best Answer

Had mine done under local when I was in the army. It was a nightmare, not because of the local anesthetic, but because the medic / dentist botched it all up. He broke one tooth off at gum level, cracked another one, removed the other two and then sent me home like that. I was mad with pain when it all wore off. I had to go to Wits Medical school, where, again under local, they finished the job. I was fine. You'll be fine too, as long as your dentist is competent!

50 mths ago

Answers -

i had mine done with local anesthesia at the medial univeristy next to tyger berg hospital in bellville. many years ago. it was painful. but in the end i was grateful for the removal. laqt year i had a major eye op in hong kong with locAL ANESTHESIA. so you are not alone.

50 mths ago

I had them done one at a time. From one it got infected and I had to stay home for a week with heavy doses of penicillin.

50 mths ago

a Rubber hammer will even be cheaper

50 mths ago

Make sure you get injected well, alot of local aneasthetic to kill the pain. Good luck, hope your dentist knows what he/ she is doing

50 mths ago

I am sure it will be a bit more painfull than the procedure in hospital. But, as you have said, you have to go this way and that means you will have to be very, very brave! Good luck on this!

50 mths ago

I, too had impacted wisdom teeth and had to have then cut out under anesthetic. I cannot imagine having them cut out locally as the pain would be excruciating. It was bad enough under anesthetic. Have you had a word with your dentist about having them cut out locally?? He should be able to advise you of the pro's and con's.

50 mths ago

A colleague at work had 4 teeth removed 'in the chair' last week. She was back at work the next day, sore but okay. Just take all your meds. There is lots that could go wrong but the same could be said for any medical procedure.

50 mths ago

It should be OK if you have a good dentist, and ask for some longer-acting local anaesthetic such as bupivicaine, and some really strong pain medications such as tramadol 50 -100mg every 6 hours.

Source: myself

50 mths ago

I had them all removed one evening after work. I had novocaine injections. I went to work the next day. Looked like a pumpkin.

49 mths ago

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