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Resolved Question

Putco - pricing, do you know?

Hi can you guys may be ask around how much your employees/collegues/friends/family pay for Putco tickets for say a month/week, and from where to where do they travel? It seems there is huge disparity in pricing, and in areas where there are no metro buses operating on the longer distances, that Putco is exploiting the passengers terribly. May be some of you heard the news reports on the radio yesterday, but a friend of mine was complaining about the price disparity between Soweto-Sandton and Vosloorus-Sandton. 57 mths ago

Best Answer

They're much more expensive than Municipal busses I know and they're asking about R200 - R400 per month per trip. Depending on the distance and only "locally". PUTCO is even more expensive. Up to R600 - R800, because they travel also between Provinces. It depends on the distance.

57 mths ago

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