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I would like to import clothing - Can someone help me out?

I dont have any concrete ideas but I am looking to import clothing from UK / USA / Australia. I dont know where to start. I need to know all the legal terms in this, SARS, Importers license etc. Can someone please assist me. I am not looking to start a company - this is just something like that I would like to do on the side. 67 mths ago

Best Answer

You will have to start a company to import. Go to the harbour in Durban, PE or EL, you will find some sort of a contact there to buy and sell.

67 mths ago

Answers -

Try this link:

67 mths ago

You are aware of the 40% import duty on clothing? I suggest you contact your nearest customs and excercise office and speak to them how to go about. Alicia would also be able to give you advise because she import stuff from overseas.

67 mths ago

First register a CC, and get a bank account on the business name, then apply for a Vat number. Then get a form DA185 from SARS to register as a Customs and Excise customer and apply as an importer. You don't need a importing license for clothing or footwear. If you going to import in small quantities your best option is to airfreight. The duty on clothes and footwear is 40% + 14% VAT. The countries you wish to import from are not price competitive with S. Africa. Your best bet is from the Far East or South America. You will need a clearing and logistic agent to clear your goods in South Africa. Your bank can help you with SWIFT or Letter of credit payments. Never pay in advance if you intend to stay in business for a long time... Best of luck on your new venture!

67 mths ago

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