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Resolved Question

Rosslyn Chapel? Rosslyn Chapel has stone carvings depicting ears of corn. But America , and corn, were only discovered

after it had been built, what's your take on this?

Hi Scrote, I hear what you are saying, but I have read a book on Rosslyn Chapel, which was published in the middle of the last century, long before Dan Brown was even thought of, which had black and white plates of the said cobs of corn. And yes, they could be something else, but they sure do look like the early varieties of corn, (before selective breeding introduced the modern form of corn). The mystery still remains.
54 mths ago

Best Answer

Gob, please double-check your source of this info. A great many conflicting conspiracy theories surround Rosslyn, many spread by Dan Brown in his idiotic Da Vinci Code novel. The Holy Blood & the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent also adds to the 'debate', but these are all interpretations and hypotheses and not fact. What one author calls ears of corn others identify as Masonic sceptres or symbolic phalluses linked to the Mary Magdalene as wife of Jesus story....a pinch of salt is always useful.

54 mths ago

Answers -

Thats his-story for you. The recollection of convenient truths.

54 mths ago

When America was settled, they were greeted at Plymouth Rock by Indians. Turkey, pumpkins and corn was brought as tokens of friendship to the settlers. The carvings that predate the discovery of America is obviously Indian since the Indians were there before the discovery and the building of the Chapel

54 mths ago

There are theories that Vikings discovered USA long before Columbus. But then the Red Indians and Indiuts (Eskimos) got there before them. Perhaps some Indians came calling on Scotland and left food etc behind, and nobody saw them coming or going in the night? lol. Or forgot to record the visit. OR...The knights templars went there and chose not to let on where they hid their treasure????

Source: Who nows and are not telling?

54 mths ago

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