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Resolved Question

Are the R5 Mandela Inauguration coins worth anything??? (Circulated)

My hubby has about 100 of these coins and they are in very good condition!! 44 mths ago

Best Answer

Right now, they are worth only their face value. But hang on to them, (although when they were minted the Govt asked us not to!) they are a limited edition and one day, when you're old and grey, they'll be worth a lot more.

44 mths ago

Answers -

Yes, about R5 each. Your hubby is a very rich man indeed.

44 mths ago

It depends what roof they are. A rare proof was sold for R750 000-00. Not to sure what a "normal" coin is worth.


44 mths ago

am offering 5.50 per coin....

44 mths ago

I have seen ad's for Mandela birthday coins selling for R25000.

44 mths ago

I would keep them for at least another 10 years. Sadly they will be worth more when he passes on. But hang onto them for as long as you can.

44 mths ago

No worth nothing.

44 mths ago

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