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What is considered to be the world's oldest distilled spirit?

@Mytruth- Mmmmmm interesting facts, but nope that's not the answer I was looking for! ;-)

@Rebut- Also very interesting facts, thanx for sharing, but I am referring to a specific distilled spirit that is considered to be the oldest in the world.
43 mths ago

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I'll take a guess Rum..........Good answers but too much for my brain on a Sunday!! Even though I am at work!!!

43 mths ago

Answers -

China has an over 5000-year history of wine brewery. In China there is a legend of "Du Kang making the wine". Hence wine is also called Du Kang. About three thousand years ago, the Chinese people in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties created compound zymotechnics of yeast and brewed yellow wine on a large scale. About one thousand years ago, Chinese people in the Song Dynasty invented the method of distillation. And since then distilled spirit has become the main type of wine in China.


43 mths ago

There is irony in the fact that distilled alcohol was "invented" by about the only widespread culture in the history of the world that can't use it. Alcohol was fully purified for the first time by Muslim chemists in the 8th and 9th centuries. The development of the still with cooled collector—necessary for the efficient distillation of spirits without freezing—was an invention of Muslim alchemists during this time. In particular, Geber (Jabir Ibn Hayyan, 721–815) invented the alembic still; he observed that heated wine from this still released a flammable vapour, which he described as "of little use, but of great importance to science". Not much later Al-Razi (864–930) described the distillation of alcohol and its use in medicine. By that time, distilled spirits had become fairly popular beverages.

43 mths ago

I would go for Irish whiskey...supposedly an idea that St Patrick brought back from his travels to Egypt where he saw them making a drink from grains. Irelands oldest bottled commercial whiskey is Bushmills....but the Irish have been known to make their own, illegal, secret stuff in the hills.

43 mths ago


43 mths ago

Distilled spirit: I'd say something like mampoer. Most early societies had fruits and stuff available and surely will have distilled these.

43 mths ago

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