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Resolved Question

How much does it cost per year to study at UNISA?

I am planning to register to study at UNISA in 2011.I however don't have full information on how much,this will cost me.I will be douing BA Communications Science.How much must i be prepared to pay a year?The course is 3 yrs long!! 41 mths ago

Best Answer

You will have to change your plans - new students had to have applied by 30 September this year to register for next year so you are too late (see link below). However, you should calculate cost based upon how many modules you register for rather than the length of the degree based on full time study. You should be able to cope with 4 modules a year (2 each semester) so this cost you about R750.00 each. Then there are prescribed books - these vary widely and could cost between R300.00 and R700.00 each. At a rate of 4 modules a year, it should take you 7 years. Don't frown like that - the next 7 years are going to pass by anyway, so you might as well do it. look at the last 7 years - they have gone by in a flash. Hope you did something spectacular with it.


41 mths ago

Answers -

they have a www site which is very user friendly bet is to contact them directly ,, very friendly and quick in responding ,,

41 mths ago

It was a wheelbarroe full of money now its a truckload

41 mths ago

Probably about R1000k per module... When I studied, the cost was R600 per module and each year increases... Still the cheaper option... go to the website, - they will have a booklet on 2011 prices

41 mths ago

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