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Resolved Question

Traffic Circles/Roundabouts/Mini Circle - Why are the rules different?

Shouldn’t we have one set of rules for these? Give way to the person approaching from the right – Why is the rule different for a so called mini circle –Does the traffic flow better? - I don’t think so. Also, how would we educate people on the current rules for a mini circle – Firstly the size of the circle is irrelevant – it should be indicated by the mini circle road sign otherwise it will always be open for interpretation. Also nowhere does it state that it is on a first come first go basis – it says that the person who will cross the yield line before the other has the right of way – so I can cross the yield line before another person even though he was there first, and this very often happens if you have a stream of cars approaching from your right. My suggestion – Make one set of rules and educate the people on them – give way to the person approaching from the right works well and is also simple.

See details at on how these should be handled
67 mths ago

Best Answer

Come to Jeffreysbay and see the chaos , we have two circles now and a lot iof stupid drivers...

67 mths ago

Answers -

Its like the current government ,two sets of rules.

67 mths ago

I agree with you pssmman. Must admit I didn't even know there was something called a Mini Circle. Fortunately, I drive very little. I think the only way we are currently educated about these things is through the media. I have a newspaper article somewhere on Traffic Circle Rules/Etiquette -- had to keep it because I didn't know most of it. But I also read a news article that said 60% of drivers on the road don't have licences or car licences (I'm sure the figure is higher) so we have a long road ahead of us.

67 mths ago

I must confess I thought the rule was the same for all traffic circles. In Stellenbosch there are a bunch of mini circles, and people (generally) obey the make-way-to-the-right rule. Are you sure there are different rules?

67 mths ago

You see, know I always heard something knew, did'nt know there were different rules! You ask why all these different rules, well its suppose to confuse the heck out of people, make the driving more stressfull, cause people to road rage more often............ easy............. that's why! :-)

Source: Me,myself and I

67 mths ago

when I got my licence there were only one type of circle so I still follow the same principle.

67 mths ago

Like Mink, I always thought the rules were the same for all of them?

67 mths ago

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