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Resolved Question

Traffic fines- written request for reduction of fine

My boss has a traffic fine and he has asked that I write to the traffic department and ask them for a reduction. Never mind what I think of this etc but this is my job and I have to do it. Thus, I was wondering whether anyone can offer some advice as to what to write etc? Any help will be much appreciated! 48 mths ago

Best Answer

Write the letter making some or other excuse.... tell them that if your letter you are writing for him, does not work, you will have to pay....maybe that works, or else you will think of something. But I have never gets a reduction. Good luck.

48 mths ago

Answers -

it doesnt really matter what you write. just say that he was unaware of the speed he was going and was in a hurry so didnt realise he was speeding. some poo like that.

48 mths ago

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