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Resolved Question

What do I do if I have lost my kids' clinic cards?

We moved to Johannesburg 2007 November and when i looked for the box with my personal docs in a couple of months later, it was gone, so either went missing or was stolen. My kids' clinic cards were in there (kids are 4 and 2). What do I do now? Both pharmacies that I used in Cape Town closed down even before we moved and have tried to get details as to where I could get the info from, but have met closed doors. What do I do now? Do I just go to a clinic here and tell them what happened and then will they issue me with new cards? My kids' shots were up to date before we moved up here. I am worried as my eldest will most probably be going to day care next year and the little one will follow and they will need to see these cards. Also, I don't want them to get behind on their shots and don't know if they should have had boosters last year. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Ich - they haven't been in school yet. So far they have always been looked after at home.
61 mths ago

Best Answer

Straight, I am leaving a spaces message for you, I phoned someone (will give you the information)she is a registered nurse. Apparently you wont have to go to the extreme of going to a police station.

61 mths ago

Answers -

Get a new one, but they get all the "latest", 6-years-old, etc. immunisations AGAIN...

61 mths ago

Contact their old school, some schools ask for this and might have made a copy of them for their reocrds.

61 mths ago

I researched a bit and the advice I found was to make an avadavit (statement) with the police, which should be taken to a clinic, which should then re-issue the card.( ) ( )

61 mths ago

All I can say- oopsie. Strange whenever you move things always disappear. Hope you get sorted out as they will need an up to date one when they start school. I want to find mine as I want to be prepared if ever I want to emigrate.

61 mths ago

I have just registered my little one for school for next year,asked if I must bring the immunisation card, they said they dont ask for it anymore because its not a legal to have to have your child immunised as it was a few years ago, the card is not necessary.

61 mths ago

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