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Resolved Question

What happened to the Rosenkowitz sextuplets? (Not sure of surname spelling)

They were born in the 80's I think and there were two other children older than them,there was 3 boys and 3 girls. I think the parents got divorced when they were 3. 52 mths ago

Best Answer

Jan. 11, 1974 The first known sextuplets were born in Cape Town, South Africa, to Susan and Colin Rosenkowitz. Only one, Grant, still lives in the South Africa where he was born. The rest have made new lives for themselves in London, England and Dublin, Ireland. 10/18/2009 - UPDATE: Message Hi...this is 'Elizabeth',number six of the 'Rosenkowitz' update of siblings 'whereabouts': David (immigrated to Australia); Nicci(Cape Town, South Africa; Jason(London);Emma(London); Grant(Cape Town);Liz(Kent, Uk)

Source: Taken from various internet pieces.

52 mths ago

Answers -

I read an article a year or two back.They are all fine and some are living overseas.They are 35 years old now.

52 mths ago

their mom and dad are divorced.

52 mths ago

i do not know but i am getting old now.... lol

52 mths ago

Can they be 35yrs old already? Time waits for no man I guess - not even for me :-(

52 mths ago

They grew up and just want to get on with their lifes.

52 mths ago

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