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Resolved Question

What is the current AA (Automobile Association) per kilometre rate?

(Obviously including everything -- petrol, insurance, maintenance, the usual). 50 mths ago

Best Answer

you must go on their website and do a couple of calculations. i just worked out for my car 1600 2004 car. its around R4.5 a km. take a piece of paper and do the calculations. Its worth while. i do however think that the rate is quite high. but they take everything into account ie tyres, petrol, insurance, licencing etc. good luck

50 mths ago

Answers -

It depends what car you drive, its based on that. Some cars are more expensive to run than others. If you are an AA member you can call them and they will give you the rate for your vehicle.

Source: Used to claim per kilometer every month in my last job.

50 mths ago

Depends on the price of the car, and how often and how far you drive, i'm taking a guess, between R 1-50 - R 3-00 for an average car and useage.

50 mths ago

I am getting very upset with Paddington and as we well know that he is always threatening to leave and never does. Paddington - just ride into the sunset please!!!!!! Moi, perhaps if you phoned the AA for their current rate per kilometer, you will get the updated rate.

50 mths ago

It depends on what car you have, year, make and model

50 mths ago

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