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What is the difference between Kva and KV?

I know what the differnce is between kva and kw. But what is the difference between kva and kv? 71 mths ago

Best Answer

KV stands for KiloVolts which means that 1 KV is equal to 1,000 volts. kVA stands for Kilovolt Amperes and 1 kVA is equal to 1 VA (Volt-Amp) which is the same thing as 1 Watt (Voltage*Current)

71 mths ago

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71 mths ago

kV (kilo-Volt) is the potential difference between two points, or more conventionally, two lines that carry electric current. In distribution, it is an indication of the power the line carries. For higher power lines, you want as little current I to flow to dissipate in a constant line resistance R, so you increase the voltage V whilst reducing the current I (by means of a high voltage transformer) to maintain a constant apparent power V*I, which is measured in kVA. So, kVa: apparent power (including the current not dissipated in resistive loads), kW: real power dissipated, and kV: the voltage on the line that feeds the load.

71 mths ago

kVA is a measure of power used (energy per second) whereas KV is a measure of voltage, literally 1000 Volts. (a normal house has 220 V)

71 mths ago

kva = kilovolt amps kv = kilovolt.

71 mths ago

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