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Resolved Question

What is the origin of the term "Holy Shit"?

No matter what you come up with, I now have my own opinion about it.

So sorry I am only getting back to you now. Have really been extra ordinarily busy in the shop. No time for Answerit. I was in this Indian Bazaar in this desert town when it was hit by Monsoon rain. This place is bult against a mountain on top of which is an ancient fortress. Many, many cows live there and are fed there. They are all holy and may not be slaughtered or hurt in any way. Most are snow white. Then there are the dogs... hundreds of them, the rats, and of course Indian men spit wildly, is said for good luck. Not to those on whose feet the obnoxious ball lands. So there I was, within minutes knee deep in the dirtiest water, and not drainage had no where to go. I managed to get to a pole to hang on to, terrified of falling over. What a death that would have been. The ground is so uneven, and my sandles were getting so slippery. And then, I just burst out laughing and could not stop. Now you all tell me, if the term "Holy Shit" does

not derive from India. Where Holy Cows shit all inadvertently tramples in it, and when the Monsoon comes, you can drown in Holy Shit". I know.
55 mths ago

Best Answer

I think it started like this. Once upon a time a woman visited the tombs in Egypt. She picked up what she thought to be an artefact, and hid it in her bag. When she returned to England, she sent it be analysed, hoping that it was valuable. The reply came back "Madam, I think that what you have is the following: Tutenkamen (sp?) crept out of his crypt, crapped, and crept back again. Holy shit!

55 mths ago

Answers -

Well, it is either shit that has been attacked by the dung beetles in a big way...or it was more likely to be the shit of holy people .ie the Pilgrims or the Saints...thought to be better than that of the common man.

55 mths ago

Well please do share your opinion with us Alicia ;) I'm sure it will be rather interesting ;)

55 mths ago

When the first pope slipped inna bath

55 mths ago

some even think when they open their mouth it is holey

55 mths ago

It's just a variation of the terms expressed by a whole bunch of famous people including Batmen's boy-wonder side-kick Robin who was famous for his "Holy Whatevers, Batman" outbursts. Col. George Armstrong Custer at Little Big Horn "Holy Mackerel! Look at all them f**king indians." The Mayor of Hiroshima,"Holy shit! Wha da f**k was dat". etc etc. Either that or Mother Teresa took a dump at an inopportune moment?

55 mths ago

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