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Resolved Question

What sort of sentencing or punishment can be given to an individual found guilty of crimen injuria?

More specifically, defamation of character. 48 mths ago

Best Answer

Generally it is deemed a fairly minor offence criminally and the penalty is usually a moderate fine. Civilly, you can sue for financial compensation (damages) if you can prove that you have suffered a loss of income, status, etc as a result of the defamatory statements, but it's two separate cases, 1 criminal and 1 civil.

48 mths ago

Answers -

Does civil duty still exist? Let him clean public toilets with a toothbrush with no gloves on!

48 mths ago

There's a difference between what the text books would say, and what would happen in reality. Also, it depends on how serious it really was. On average I think an amount for compensation would be the punishment. The more serious the offence, the higher the amount.

48 mths ago

Well looking at what kind of sentences are being passed in SA when it comes to murderers and rapists and hijackers, then it would seem pointless to pass any sentence. Henious crimes are being treated too lightly that passing a sentece for crimen injuria would be a waste. What I have seen is that the level of communication between people in this country is at such a low that i beliee we should go back to the basics of learning how to address each other and respect each other as individuals.

48 mths ago

I keep saying;Bring back the cat o' nine tails, that will persuade anyone to toe the line.

48 mths ago

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