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Resolved Question

Where can I obtain the participation Quota for our Sectional Title as the Body Corporate does not have it?

57 mths ago

Best Answer

Register yourself with Sectional Titles Online ( - no costs involved. Under the main menu - Find a Sectional Plan and then type in the name of your complex. You should find the PQ there along with all the plans for your block.

57 mths ago

Answers -

You can go to deeds office and look for the plan, alternatively you can get your entire associations plot size and then you look at your house /exclusive use area size and work it to a percentage. Your managing agent should have it from when the books were started and your insurance company who insures the body corporate should have it as well. If your body corporate doesn't have it and you are all being charged the same levy even though house size is different, then you may not be a sectional title but rather a home owners assocication.

57 mths ago

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