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Resolved Question

Where can i get bulletproofing done for the windows of my car? Just thinking that it might make an awesome gift for my hubby who takes the N1 evey day..what do u guys think?

i was asking in kind of an ironic way - kind of in a "what is this world coming to.." way... Cant even drive peacefully to work..sigh
47 mths ago

Best Answer

I'm surprised that you cannot buy some cars like this already in our country. Are all vehicles and parts being imported or can cars be constructed like this. Surely it will be cheaper to buy a car that already has bullet proof windows than to have your car changed to have bullet proof windows. I've heard of celebrities in hollywood with bulletproof windows ...

47 mths ago

Answers -

The toughest bullet proof windows for cars are much thicker than original windows thus making the vehicle heavier. They require extensive modification and it's pointless to bulletproof the windows without doing the doors and every vulnerable part of the car. I get why you would want to do this but it is going to cost you a lot of money.

47 mths ago

I was listening to this this morning. My thought was, that someone should start manufacturing bullet proof helmets. They would make a lot of money and many people would be saved...because they can speed off, away from the criminals.

47 mths ago

Any engineering works should be able to weld on a few half inch armour plated infront of all windows. Jut remember to ask for peepholes through which you can pass bribe money to black speedcops.

47 mths ago

Adding smash & grab film to the windows will perhaps not make it bullet proof, but may mitigate the impact and also makes the occupants less visible. It cost about R2000 for C-segment cars. There are special places that do it, but I cannot think of a company now. Google smash and grab.

47 mths ago

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