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Resolved Question

Where did the word "LUCK" come from and what was its full name?

Luck and Fortune are words that originate from the Sun-deity "Lucifer." Luck is the abbreviation of the name "Lucifer." The idea of having "Luck" and "Good Fortune" is unscriptural and points to belief in Gad, the Syrian/Canaanite deity of "Good Luck" or "Fortune."
60 mths ago

Best Answer

It probably means a chance occurrence or a random blessing in Latin, Hebrew or Greek.


60 mths ago

Answers -

Lucky Luke! No?

60 mths ago

The first guy who struck it rich on the gold fields out west.

60 mths ago

It derives from the Middle English word lucke, from the Middle Dutch word luc, short for gheluc which means happiness.

60 mths ago

All I know is that I would also like The luck of the Irish;

60 mths ago

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