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Whom said this"Anyone who has ever heard the scream of an animal being killed could never again eat its flesh"

Have heard once before and feel I should become meat free but need protein and eat bolonga most only but that as a reassurance of selfgratification is lame and proof of this making me closer to being a looser.

I've a few times in life explained to friends the sorrow exerted just and such as the human mother generated and may even be of greater destruction morally to these other as they do spend in the wilderness at least all of times together until slaughtered by a preditor and I don't like also preditors existing and we should extinct then; do you think that we humans only have a say in this or maybe we should determine the such wishes of the animals being slaughtered by these!!!!!!!!!!!! To hell with endangered preditors; I say on behalf of those victimized. LOL

I don't really feel anything but same I for humans preditored and animals and mind you rarely I not cry viewing a film as I feel samely but I would imagine trapping these preditors and convergion is at hand possible where relocationing and mincing temperarlly vegitation mixed simulation beef bacon bits of whatever may it be would force an even decline as evolution would mutulate fangs to stumps like molars but persistant grosth nature would prevail in instance of returning to brhavioral habitating and such a determination of existance mind you is not likely resust of need to survive comes terms of these and all of preditor juat as for humans has been lazyness to effort of vegitation consumtion where overwealming capablities were forever perhaps or perhaps in the events migration towards proximity giving oppertunity to a great labourless protein diet may had been of issue but unlikely for me this as I evolution being the explaination to now and even more likely these feeding habits came

Good Night!

What should they teach in school when they tell the story of little train that could? Should it be" I think I can I think I can " or rather be " I know I can I know I can"
32 mths ago - -46 min left to answer.

Answers -

Aha! - So this is why hunters wear ear-plugs when they shoot at animals!

32 mths ago

I believe in Karma... What goes around, comes around !

32 mths ago

As a child, I spent too much time on farms where animals were slaughtered daily. I heard those screams...I CAN STILL HERE THEM....THE PAIN, THE PAIN, HOT SALTY TEARS RUNNING DOWN MY CHEEKS. I CAN NOT EAT MEAT. Confucius – “Anyone who has ever heard the scream of an animal being killed could never again eat its flesh.” Pigs are the worst...and they are said to be the 5th most intelligent animals on Earth. They know way ahead of time what is going to happen. Then the screaming starts. Please let these memories leave me.

32 mths ago

I have been to an abbatoir and the animals did not scream..they were electronically stunned...very quick, and then bled very quickly took about a minute per animal. Not pleasant, but animals are not only killed for their l have pointed out in other questions..there are hundreds of byproducts from the carcass that we all use every day. I have heard a bokkie scream whn caught by a big cat, and l have heard a bird shrieking when in the jaws of a domestic cat. I have also hears sheep bleating as they have their wool removed, l have heard dogs yelping when kicked by their own masters. Tell that saying to the lion eating a young buffalo calf and the crocodile chewing on an elephants trunk.

32 mths ago

I have to admit that with the meat eating thingy I do the ostrich thing. I try and be responsible and only buy free range everything. So, this will be the one thing of Confucius that I will not pay attention to.

32 mths ago

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