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Resolved Question

Why do people tell lies about you and try to discredit you in the eyes of others?

Is it because they hate and have no other way of expressing it? What is your impression?

Is it because they are so unhappy in themselves that the only way they can feel better is to try to bring someone else down? Do they get a kick out of it?

They do it constantly, to a lot of people, not only one or two--always looking out for someone else to target. What sort of personality is this?

You must do what you must do, Paddington. You have for 7 months relentlessly stalked, harassed and insulted me on AIT. We had agreed with admin that we would not answer each others' Qs and for months, there was peace on the site. But the past 10 days, suddenly you start answering my Qs again with snide, devious comments. I sent you a long, emotional spaces message about my illness two days ago, in the insane hope that it would make you leave me alone; but what happens? IT MAKES YOU EVEN WORSE. Post the stuff on the Blog. It's effect will be to show even more what a CAD you are. Go for it, Big Boy. I have made an effort never to mention my disability. When people have asked a question on AIT about this particular condition, I have answered -- that is all. Then YOU tell ME not to play the disability CARD when YOU played in ON MY BEHALF in a perfectly innocent, fun question of mine about Magnum ice-cream. What insanity is this
47 mths ago

Best Answer

Everything they say about you is actually what they are but they won't admit it openly. They find it easy to hide behind others. Or they really believe what they're saying about you. If others fall for it then it only means they were never true to you to begin with. A good friend will know it's not true.

47 mths ago

Answers -

Hmmm someone did this to me said things about me - I do not know why they do it but it pissed me off. I have no time for people like this and hopefully she knows it by now, I am not usually a rude person, but with her I keep my distance and I think she can feel the "dislike"!

47 mths ago

It is a mental illness.

47 mths ago

Just ignore it Moi- as Bianca said; it's more of a self-reflection. Really says more about them then it does about you. An intelligent person will realise this.

47 mths ago

My mother has always told me that people tell lies about others because they have low self esteem and may be jealous of you. Those people usually dont only pick on one person, they pick on many. Personally I think its to bring people around them down, perhaps down to their own level even. Best thing to do is to ignore them (yes easier said then done i know!). They will eventually get irritated that they get no reaction out of you and will leave you alone

47 mths ago

Pardon my conceitedness but I suspect this may be another attempt by you to bully me. You misread what I said. I said I have saved the abusive messages, meaning Spaces Messages. I never said anything about abusive answers because you do not give those. After all, if you did, everyone will know exactly how two-faced you really are. Tell you what, I will post our entire spaces conversation on a blog post. Let everyone that actually cares decide for themselves. Personally I don't see why they should care, it's petty once more.

47 mths ago

Because they need to feel better about themselves!

47 mths ago

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