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Resolved Question

Why do some people talk/scream while they sleeping?

Im definately a person that talks and on occasions screams in my sleep. why why??? 62 mths ago

Best Answer

Whilst you are asleep you go through different phases of sleep. The deep sleep mode when you dream has a 'paralysis' effect so that you dont go running around and yelling and you may have noticed in some dreams you are unable to shout or run away...but when you are halfway between deep sleep and light is possible that you will be able to talk or shout.

62 mths ago

Answers -

Things that happened to you that makes you feels unsafe or troubles your mind.

62 mths ago

Parasomnia: Talking in Your Sleep <-->Common in Childhood <->Somniloquy, like other NREM parasomnias, is often common in childhood. Sleep talking episodes decrease as a person ages. When a person talks in their sleep the words may not be audible to another person and come out just as a mumble. They may say a handful of words, they may give a large speech, they may be unintelligible or they may be candidly clear. Sleep talking is as individual as the person speaking. <-->Sleep Talking Triggers - While sleep talking may decrease in frequency as a person gets older, it may also be triggered by environmental and personal factors. Stress, alcohol, medications, fevers, sleep deprivation and depression may all contribute to a person’s sleep talking. If you run a high fever, you may talk, rant, yell, cry or otherwise talk in your sleep. <-->How Do You Talk in Your Sleep? When you talk in your sleep, you are usually not moving smoothly between the different stages of sleep. The disturbance does not have to be profound enough to arouse you fully, but it can lead to confusion in whether you are awake or asleep. Related NREM sleep disturbances include sleep walking and night terrors. ou are capable of speech, you are capable of moving and what you may think you are saying in your dream, you are actually saying out loud. Your memory of the event will be limited to what you remember of a dream and may contain a dreamlike quality and feel ‘not real’ even when others tell you that you were talking. <-->Sleep Talking is Not Dangerous - About 50 percent of children sleep talk at some point or other. It is thought to be a way they process the large amounts of information they obtain during the day. Sleep talking also seems to run in families. While sleep talking is not dangerous, it can be very aggravating to others especially if they misinterpret what you are saying as actual talking.


62 mths ago

Skuldige gewete!!!

62 mths ago

Nightmares maybe??!!

62 mths ago

Parasomnia = insomnia for spouse. Hubby swears he doesn't talk in his sleep - I'd also swear I wasn't talking in my sleap if I said the things he did: "some more peanut butter please" and things as hilarious as that. I sometimes have to laugh out loud.

62 mths ago

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