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Resolved Question

Why does my skin hurt when I'm sick?

It feels like I have sunburn. Even my clothes hurt it!

Sorry - didn't mention that I don't have any allergies. Have bronchitis, but even with flu my skin hurts, and I don't really have much of a temperature - Was wondering what was the cause of it. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy.
53 mths ago

Best Answer

You're dehydrated so your skin is pulling and the cells are shrinking. Have a warm shower, put on lots of cream to help elasticity and keep drinking fluids.

53 mths ago

Answers -

Sounds like you have an allergy.

53 mths ago

Sounds like you've got flu, the nerve endings hurt like hell, even my hair hurts when Ive got flu

53 mths ago

I know the feeling soooo well! Your skin and every hair follicle seems to tingle with a sort of itchy-tingly sensation. As Shsstirrer predicts, you might have the dreaded flu lurgey - I know that when I feel like this it's because I'm about to creep under the blankets and hide myself until the fever has passed! Hope you get better soon.

Source: Been there!

53 mths ago

you need to consult a medical specialist.

53 mths ago

Ask me I be Moses

53 mths ago

This happens to my children accompanied by that hot and cold feeling!!

53 mths ago

You do not generate enough energy to push all the wind that builds inside your stomach. Instead, what should have been your refreshing farts get sucked into your kidney and then your bloodstream and then pushed out as sweat through your skin.

Source: Magnitude of courage

53 mths ago

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