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Resolved Question

Would USN Muscle Fuel STS make me gain fat?

I've been having small amounts (half a scoop) of this protein powder every second day or so, after training or when I feel my body needs the extra supplementary protein. A few people have told me I'm just setting myself up for gaining weight by using any protein shake that's not for weight loss, but I can't see the harm in using it, it's not a calorie bomb, after all. Does anyone know if your body (meaning an active female body) would react badly to a product that mostly guys use? Because logically, based on nutritional info of the powder, it couldn't do much harm and it helps for when I don't have a cooked chicken breast at the ready. 62 mths ago

Best Answer

I doubt if the little that you use will make you fat at all. Protein cannot make you fat, in fact it is muscle food. But if you doubt, rather go for the USN Diet Fuel or Pure Protein. It also contains the protein that you need, without the carbs.

62 mths ago

Answers -

Always try to take any additional supplement 30 minutes (or more) before you go to exercise and not afterwards...that's bad for you...

62 mths ago

It will also bugger up your kidneys. Rather use the safer options. I used to gain weight: Minamino syrup (not the tablets), Ensure nutrition shakes (not to replace meals! In addition to meals!), USN proteien bars (eat this between meals, not to replace meals). Eat good fatty oily foods like nuts, avo, salmon, peanutbutter.

62 mths ago

I dont believe that you will gain fat because you use only a little bit and is active!

62 mths ago

MM is correct

62 mths ago

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