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Resolved Question

how long does the approval of house building plans take once submitted to the municipality?

has anyone ever submitted building plans to the approving council? how long does it take for them to approve? im in the tshwane region 55 mths ago

Best Answer

Essentially it depends on hwo lucky you are. We had our plans approved in 2 days, but then our architect has a good relationship with the council and could get things speeded up. I have heard of other people who's plans have taken 6 months to get approved, but I believe the norm is around 6 weeks

55 mths ago

Answers -

If the builder who drafted the plans submitted it to the right "department", it shouldn't take too long..

55 mths ago

It really depends on the municipality. The smaller it is the quicker it should happen. We are in the building industry and the housing committee (not the "big" council) get together twice a month to adjudicate plans, after all technical details have been approved by the inspectors. So, yes, unless there are exemptions to be had you could reckon on two weeks. But I know in big cities like Jhb is can take a few weeks if not longer, unless you know the right person in the technical department who deals with plans.

55 mths ago

mine took about 4 weeks

55 mths ago

Well you were all extremely lucky. Our building plans were submitted in November 2007 and I saw on JHB online they were approved in June 2009.

55 mths ago

I hope you know someone there, otherwise get to know someone there to get it done....

55 mths ago

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