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Resolved Question

how much electricity does a slow cooker use up?

most meals cooked in a slow cooker take abt 8-10 hours on low setting. does it use up too much electricity? considering people leave it on for the whole day, from when they leave for work till they are back. 50 mths ago

Best Answer

You start on high, and once you leave for work, turn it right down. It keeps a lot of its own heat, because of the ceramic and the metal pot it is in, and therefor uses very little electricity. I have had one since they first came out.

50 mths ago

Answers -

It be using the same amount of electricity only thing it be using it slowly

50 mths ago

Less than the amount of electricity it will take to cook the exact same food on your stove in 40 minutes. I have one and it's great for me and my daughter. I load it up the night before, switch it on "auto" when I leave for work and when I get home "VIOLA" dinner she is ready.

50 mths ago

always wondered about this, take a look at the wattage sticker underneath if it's temp controllled it should be very little as it heats it up and then opnly keeps teh temp - like a geyser.

50 mths ago

Very little, I put my food in the night before on high, it takes very long to heat up, then before I go to work I turn it on low, mine is a Russell Hobbs and has a timer I can set, it will also keep the food warm for up 2 2 hours. The food is tasty and it also depends what you put in the pot, uses very little water. You can also use cheap cuts of meat. They use about 130 watts an hour

50 mths ago

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