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Resolved Question

mustard powder substitute?

Have you seen the price of those little tins of mustard powder lately?? I nearly fainted - R42!!!!! What can I use as an alternative in savoury recipes, or should I just leave it out altogether? Could I use crushed mustard seeds? 65 mths ago

Best Answer

Try mustard seeds, get it at a local spice shop. It would be more cheaper.

65 mths ago

Answers -

I'm terrible at following recipes. I've never bothered to buy mustard powder, I just add the Coleman's mustard sauce I bought at Pick 'n Pay... A good alternative to mustard is also horseradish - don't know if you can buy it in powdered form though.

65 mths ago

A mixture of turmeric and horseradish will do the trick.

65 mths ago

R42!!! I'm gobsmacked. I haven't bought mustard powder for about 10 years. Josedias seems to have a good idea.

65 mths ago

Me too, grab the mustard sauce in the fridge, mustard powder soooooo expensive!! Josedias's idea does sound good.

65 mths ago

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