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where can i get a job, im struggling to pay all my bills with the pay i get now?

please help westrand jhb 29 mths ago - -17 min left to answer.

Answers -

Sorry Eugene, I can't help with a job. Maybe ask at restaurants for a prart time job. Go for busy buzzing restaurants. Its hard work. Maybe negortiate with your debtors to reduce the payments on your accounts? Try to cut down on unneccesary expenses, sell your car and get a cheaper one or get a bicycle to ride around with. That way you get fit as well :)

29 mths ago

Try looking on Gumtree or at Clearwater Mall. Look n Listen is a good pick if you are young. Also try places like the Green and Gold at Constantia Park and News Cafe at Town Square. But it's hard to say if we don't know anything about you- age, education, etc. Why don't you register yourself at a few employment agencies?

29 mths ago

It will help if you tell us what you are trained for? If no training, then try and educate yourself even if part time and one subject at a time via Unisa. They do student loans. Invest in yourself and in your future.

29 mths ago

You haven't mentioned what your profession is.....all I can suggest you ask around perhaps doing weekend deliveries or working part time in a bottle store or supermarket !

29 mths ago

It's a common problem; people don't ask the question anymore "what should I do to be worth more". They look at the lifestyle they want and expect to get paid that. You are probably being paid what your employer feels you are worth. Further your education, do the job you have to the best of your ability and take on more than is expected of you in order to gain more experience and make yourself as an employee an attractive option to possible employers. In the meantime, stick to a strict budget.

Source: The Boss

29 mths ago

Seek and ye shall find

29 mths ago

Get someone to help you draw up a budget and stick to it. You can also go and speak to your different creditors and ask them to give you a chance to catch up. Do not make more debt or buy anything on credit. Maybe you should also look for cheaper accomodation and drive a cheaper smaller car.

29 mths ago

Make sure you brush up on your skills.I am an HR manager of a large company in CT and the majority of CVs I receive are unskilled people.Check what the average salary is in your industry for your skills level.

29 mths ago

Hi Eugene, You will hate me for saying this, but more money will not be your solution. Obviously a bit more will help, but it will help just for now. I am not here to diss you or to sugar coat anything. Here is the key: Change your mindset, change your habits, mix foth successful people ane the problems will go away.

29 mths ago

contact me, i have solutions

28 mths ago

Try milking almonds, you have a customer somewhere here.

27 mths ago

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